10 Popular WooCommerce Shipping Options – 2021

WooCommerce is the best and free eCommerce plugin for WordPress, which help you to convert your simple WordPress website into an e-commerce platform. It is specifically designed for small and large-sized online entrepreneurs who are using WordPress. WooCommerce was launched on September 27, 2011, and quickly gained a tremendous amount of appreciation due to its simplified and easy to use functions. Known as the best platform to create your e-commerce website, an estimated source of users of WooCommerce all over the world is around 3.9 million websites.

Let us know more about the WooCommerce Shipping Options;


Flat Rate Shipping is one of those WooCommerce Shipping Options that permit users to define a particular rate per item, specific shipping class, or specific order.

The flat rate of Shipping is used to centralize your shipments and to standardize them. When a specific size and weight requirements have been met, for example, for local, national delivery, the same rate applies to shipment in an individual state.

A defined weight limit is set for everything. You can pick between several boxes and envelopes for your shipment. You can choose the smallest parcel size of the item you will send and send it with regular Shipping if the weight allowance isn’t exceeded. Many national postal services use this system.

Flat Rate Shipping gives flexibility and power in WooCommerce Product Shipping regardless of the weight or quantity.

To use this Flat Rate Shipping method, a user must add a Shipping Zone; users can add as many WooCommerce shipping zones as possible.

Step 1: Go to WooCommerce then Settings > Click on Shipping, the fourth option next to Tax.


Step 2: Click on the “Add Shipping Zone” button to make a new zone. Give any specific name to the zone and save it.

Step 3: Now, Right-click and edit the zone option. In my case, I added the USA ($) shipping zone. Now Go to the ‘Shipping Methods’ box and then Enter on ‘Add Shipping Method.’ Then select the ‘flat shipping method’ option.

Step 4: Select the desired Flat Rate from the dropdown menu. Now, select the ‘Add shipping method.’ A different screen will be displayed after that.

Step 5: Enter the desired Title that displays to the customers during checkout—select Tax Status to define whether Tax is solicited to the shipping amount or not. And at the end, Enter Cost, which you want to apply to the cart and this cost option also shows you various other exciting features.

Step 6: Save these changes, and there you’re done!


If you are one of those to engaging more customers, this is the best way to get customers to buy more, Free Shipping! For example, we come across many offers that provide free Shipping to customers if the total amount is above $500. Free Shipping means not charging the buyers anything on delivery.

Using this method can be very grateful as it is a desirable method to have customers.

Let’s get started by first adding a Free Shipping Method.

Step-1: Add the Shipping Method, the little screen will pop up and then select the ‘Free Shipping’ option from the dropdown box. Lastly, click on the Add shipping method.

Step-2: Select the ‘Free Shipping’ option in the Shipping Method box and click on Edit. A different screen will pop up now, and here you will compose the free shipping method for that specific shipping zone and instance, so in my case, Shipping zone in India.

Step-3: You’ll need to enter a Title that you want your customers to see in the checkout just like we did in the Flat rate.

Step-4: Save these Changes, and you’re done!

If you have any conditional or advance free shipping requirements. 

For that, you can use this plugin free. – 

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping Plugin – Free


Local Pickup is a type of delivery method that allows users to choose to pick up their desired order from their local online store. Once a local pickup order is received, the customers receive a confirmation email, making it safer to choose Local Pickup.

It is not the most preferred type of delivery plugin as the customers tend to accept delivery from their stores rather than pick it up. When a local pickup order is received, it’s often noticed that WooCommerce shipping uses the same procedures for all the remaining local pickup orders.


  • You will be getting ready for pickup email status – the customer is notified by an email that their parcel is ready for Pickup.
  • You will be getting picked up order email status – the customer will be notified by an email after picking their parcel.
  • You will be getting set pick up instructions – customers will be asked to mention location name, address, other details.
  • You have the freedom to set notifications of the order status emails subject, heading, and content as per your requirements.
  • You also have the right to the pickup instruction display on the order status emails as per your requirements.


Weight Based Shipping is a relatively simple yet versatile shipping method for WooCommerce as this method mainly focuses on the weight of an order to calculate the total shipping costs. WooCommerce shipping Plugins also permit you to add multiple rules based on different weights and sub-total.

Many WooCommerce store owners find this method of Shipping quite profitable and more manageable.

Example of weight base shipping –

WooCommerce Settings – Zone USA – Weight Base Shipping

0.5 kg – 1.5 kg = $10 Shipping Charge.
1.6 kg – 2.0 kg = $15 Shipping Charge.

Key Features of weight-based Shipping

  • If you have multiple order destination with different weight, subtotal ranges, then you should build as many shipping rules as you can
  • Doing this, each of your created rules may be designed to offer a fixed price (such as a flat rate) or a progressive price depending on the cart’s weight or both.
  • Using the addon, you can ship for free within a short period, depending on the sub-total, total weight, and other conditions.
  • You can override how the shipping price is determined for any shipping class you have.

Available Free Plugins for “Weight Base Shipping” –

  1. Weight Base Shipping – Free

Alert!  You can even set up weight-based Shipping without any plugin; how? –  Read this Business Bloomer Article 


It could also be called the easiest WooCommerce Shipping Options. It has a very intuitive user interface. The most straightforward and most usable WooCommerce shipping plugin for WooCommerce stores is a simple table rate shipping, which can measure WooCommerce shipping costs based on total cost or weight.

There are several WooCommerce shipping plugins for table rates out there; we have a very clean and easily understandable configuration panel where a user can easily measure WooCommerce shipping costs.

The key features of this shipping method are:

  • Determining the shipping label that shows up in the cart of the person buying the product
  • Determining the Total Cost
  • Determining Shipping by Weight
  • Including or excluding Tax
  • More than one tiers can be set up by you- which is useful almost for every store.
  • You can add additional handling fees for each order.

We have sort up some Best table Rate Shipping Plugins for you.

  1. WooCommerce Table Rate Addon – $99
  2. Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce by “Bolder Elements”$25


This type of WooCommerce shipping method uses Google Matrix API to add a manual fee depending on the distance between the customer’s designated city and online store location. This type of WooCommerce shipping works perfectly for people living close to the areas of their designated stores.

However, it might be a little heavy on the pocket for those who live quite far away from their online stores. This type of delivery fee is calculated by dividing the distance if the distance is 150km, and the divider is 4, and the price is $500. The calculation formula will be (150 / 4) * 500 = $18750.

You can buy and use this plugin to set up the above shipping method – Shipping Rate by Distance for WooCommerce Plugin.


API (Application Programming Interface) is another simple method of WooCommerce Shipping. This method allows you to integrate 3rd party couriers live rate shipping functionality into your website or system. Your clients will enjoy the depth of UPS, USPS, DHL’ Canada Post, and much more.

This WooCommerce shipping plugin is an effective method to grow your business and give your customers real-time and live shipping rates experience. The wide variety of API shipping makes it even more popular among WooCommerce users.

STEP 1. Create and log in to your courier company account.

STEP 2. Download and install courier related plugin to your WordPress website.

STEP 3. Find API credentials from the courier website and paste them into the plugin configure page

STEP 4. Now, add to the cart any product and check at checkout for the shipping live rate result.

Note: – Use the “Debug” shipping option to find the issue if it’s not working.


This method allows users to put certain restrictions on WooCommerce shipping methods depending upon the terms and conditions. For instance, a user can disable the free shipping method if the bought product weighs more than 20kg or add extra flat shipping charges on extra quantity, price, or sub-total.

This method stands out from the rest of the plugins as it is one of the most preferred and popular methods. A user can even create specially designed shipping methods for large-sized products. This method works with the user’s existing shipping methods and zones.

Conditional Shipping can be set up via some of the paid plugins. Here is some best plugins list.

  1. Condition Shipping & Payments Plugin– $79
  2. Conditional Free Shipping – WooCommerce Plugin– $15


This plugin shipping method is a very simplified and super easy to use WooCommerce Shipping Options. Coupon Based Shipping allows a customer to avail discounts and offers on the Shipping of a product.

For instance, if a user buys a $500 and applies a coupon that avails a 20% discount, the buyer will have to pay a total amount of $400. [ (20 * 5 ) – 500 ]. This method of Shipping is also a trendy and preferred kind of plugin. It is the same as sales in a shop.

To setup coupon base shipping, you can use this free plugin –WooCommerce Shipping Discount Plugin – Free.

Lastly, WooCommerce is an extremely easy to use and simplified platform compared to the numerous websites available on the internet. The people familiar with WordPress will find it super easy and straightforward to use as it is a WordPress plugin.

WPFixerr understands its users’ needs and works diligently in providing its customers with everything they might need. is an excellent choice to grab when it comes to WooCommerce. The website offers some of the best and most straightforward forms of shipping methods and has Updated Plugins and so much more, which makes it much easier for the user to work and create their websites.

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