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A2 Hosting Review 2020

Creating and running a website is not as easy as it seems. New problems spring up almost every week. At the initial level, the basic problem is to choose the best hosting, theme, plugins, etc. This may seem like a very common confusion but the decision should be made very carefully as the quality of your website depends on this decision. A2 Hosting was started around 2001 and since then they are continually working at improving their services. This company was not very famous a few years back. However, the passion and dedication of their team have paid off well. As a result, now they are supposed to be one of the fastest website hosting services. We have put all their claims to the test and this article contains all that we have found out. Without any delay, let us discuss all that you need to know about A2 Hosting! Let’s review A2 Hosting!

The Big Highlights of A2 Hosting Services

To attract website owners and developers A2 Hosting offers a wide range of benefits and these benefits have become one of the reasons for the popularity of their services. Let us have a look at some of the most attractive benefits:

Limitless SSD Space and Transfer

SSD (Solid State Drive) Space is cloud-based storage which is used to save the data of the website. A2 Hosting offers unlimited data storage and transfers over SSD Space. This helps in enhancing the speed and overall experience of your website.

Optimization of WordPress Speed

Apart from SSD Space, the company also offers to optimize the speed of WordPress. This is another step taken by them in order to attract buyers and retain old customers. This is very helpful for the buyers as this service is usually provided by WordPress developers at a high price.

Free Site Migration

WordPress developers charge amounts ranging between $5 and $ 50, just to provide migration of the website. The company offers this service for free as well. They will migrate your website to A2 Hosting for free in case you have purchased their service.


99.9% Uptime Commitment

Uptime is the phenomenon when the website loads without showing any server error. For instance, assume that a website is logged in 1000 times and Uptime is referred to as the time when the website actually loads on the screen. A good website is one that does not show too many server errors.


If you purchase the services from A2 Hosting, you do not have to worry about uptime because they promise to provide, at least, 99.9% uptime for your website.

Free Automatic Backups

While your website is hosted by A2 Hosting, you do not even have to worry about manually taking the backups for the website. The backup is taken automatically on a periodic basis for free.


Money-Back Guarantee 

The company has full confidence in all the services it provides. Therefore, they offer you a money-back guarantee. If you feel that you are not satisfied with the services, simply apply for a refund anytime you want.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate basically ascertains that the website is secure to use. This means that the users will not hesitate from logging on to your website and the traffic on the website will be comparatively high.


In addition, the ranking on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, etc also improves just because of this certificate. The owners of A2 Hosting know the importance of this certificate very well. Thus, they are offering an SSL Certificate free of cost.

In short, the most important benefits of A2 Hosting services are:

  •    Limitless SSD Space and Transfer
  •    Optimization of WordPress Speed
  •    Free Site Migration
  •    99.9% Uptime Commitment
  •    Free Automatic Backups
  •    Money-Back Guarantee
  •    Free SSL Certificate

We have put all these benefits and other main features of their services under a microscope (not literally!) to verify their claims. This is what we have found:

The Speed Test

The speed of the website mainly depends on the hosting on which it is hosted. A good hosting means that the site will load faster and will provide a good experience. Here is what we have found about the speed of a website hosted on A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting claims that the speed of the website will become ‘blazing’ fast with an exclusive server speed which is 20 times faster than normal servers.

Hang on! This is what they claim.

We have used their hosting service and the speed of our website has gone crazy. The site loads really fast and navigating through the website has become super smooth. Their claims are true.

A2 is true to their word in terms of speed.

The Support Team

A2 Hosting boasts a lot about their ‘Guru Crew Support’. Want to find out the truth? Read on.

A2 Hosting claims that their support team is very friendly and knowledgeable. They have even mentioned that the support team is available at any time of the day throughout the year.


To check this, we have called them multiple times during odd hours and even on Thanksgiving eve.

We have called them for petty problems and difficult ones as well. There were not many difficulties. They answered all of our queries and satisfied us. However, there is some scope for improvement.

The Uptime Percentage and Others

The claims related to uptime percentage are also true to our knowledge. We have logged on to our website several times since then and we have not encountered any server errors yet.

As far as their other claims are concerned, the report is as follows:

When you purchase any of their services, you are provided unlimited space and transfer facilities as promised.

  • A free SSL certificate is provided along with the services you have availed.
  • A member of A2 will migrate your website from your current hosting to A2 Hosting if you don’t want to migrate it by yourself.
  • The backup for your website will create automatically as per your chosen period.
  • They also optimize the speed of your WordPress in case you need it.

We have availed the following benefits since we have made the payment:

  • We have received free unlimited SSD Space.
  • They also provided a free SSL Certificate.
  • We have availed their free website migration service as well.
  • The backup for our website generates automatically.

The Price Tag

Their price range varies according to the package you wish to buy. The starting prices (on a monthly basis) for all the packages are mentioned below:


The prices might seem higher at first glance but if you consider the bundled package as a whole for these prices, you will realize that the prices are not too high. Even if we compare the prices and services of A2 with leading web hosting companies, we will find that A2 Hosting is offering the best value for the money.

They are providing a bundle of services like free storage, migration, SSL Certificate, automatic backups. You will get all this along with a money-back guarantee and if you are not happy with their service, you can ask for a refund, this is a “Win-Win” situation for all the users.

The Reviews by Users

There are many users all over the internet who have reviewed A2 Hosting and praised A2 for one reason or another. The most common reasons given by the users are:

  • Most of the users have particularly mentioned about faster loading after using A2 Hosting.
  • A2 Hosting also provides unlimited bandwidth and storage that makes it a better choice.
  • A lot of users prefer A2 Hosting because of their fast and reliable services
  • Some even appreciated the ease to navigate the interface of A2 Hosting.
  • There are many customers who praise A2 Hosting for their responsive and fast customer service and technical support.

While reading all the A2 hosting reviews, we also read somewhere that the company is environmentally conscious as well. There were a few negative A2 Hosting reviews too that complained about the uptime issues. However, we have not found any problem with the uptime yet. So far, the services have satisfied us very well and we will give their service a ‘big, fat thumbs up’. If we find any glitches or trouble in the future, we will surely update this article. Stay tuned!

The Rating

Based on the performance of A2 Hosting services, we have reviewed A2 Hosting and will give them a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. We have deducted a half star because we believe their customer services could be a bit better.

The Final Verdict

Our personal experience has been very satisfying. Users will stay and return to your website based on their experience. If you want to provide your visitors with an awesome experience, we would highly recommend you to buy A2 Hosting Services. You will surely get the value of every cent you invest. If you wish to buy their services click on the link below:

a2 Hosting

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