We will setup or fix SSL Certificate on your website


Fix SSL Certificate Issues

Google has recently announced some changes that will affect Google Search Indexing for your website. According to these changes, every website should be secure and should load in HTTPS instead of HTTP. SSL encryption is needed to verify the safety and security of your website.

If your website is not SSL encrypted, a warning message will flash on your viewer’s screen stating the website is unsafe to visit. This will affect your brand image and will also reduce the traffic on your website. You might even lose your customer’s trust

Our team of WordPress professionals has the required expertise to help you with SSL install and fixes within a short span of time. The process includes: –

  • SSL Certificate Check: Our team will ensure that your website has a proper SSL Certificate installed. We will also check the validity of your certificate in order to make sure it has not expired.
  • Full Site Security Check: We are here to perform a full security audit of your site to avoid any further issues. We also make changes if there is any necessity.
  • HTTPS Site Audit: Our experienced team members will make sure that all the pages and posts on your website load securely under HTTPS.
  • Full Security Report: Once the process of SSL installation is complete, the dedicated team of WPFixerr will provide a complete list of items they complete on your website.
  • Meet Google’s requirements: According to the recent changes made, Google will not only flag any site that does not load securely with HTTPS, but also lower the site’s search engine ranking. At WPFixerr, we make sure that your website complies with all the Google requirements to boost the rankings of your website and to improve its reputation among visitors.
  • Complete Site Security Setup: Our agents follow a very specific and detailed process for SSL installation for your website. We cover all security aspects to make sure your site loads securely and is encrypted. Our team will eliminate any security threats faced by your website in order to keep it safe from any online attacks.

Contact us to make your website safe and secure with WPFixerr’s SSL Installation. Customer satisfaction is the most important goal for our team of WordPress professionals. We pride ourselves on having a long list of happy and satisfied customers. We want to add you to the list as well.


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