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The Top 5 WordPress CDN Plugins 2020

Since the '90s, Content Delivery Networks are commercially around the globe. They have also gone through several evolutionary stages before coming into existence or becoming the robust application delivery platform they are today. They have faced whatsoever any other old technology has. If you want to know about the excellent WordPress CDN services, then you are in a perfect place. Before moving on to the best WordPress CDN's, let's understand what a CDN is. This acronym CDN, which is Content Delivery Network, is actually a group of servers distributed geographically. 

Those clusters of servers work collectively, which results in maximum speed up in delivering Internet content. With the help of a WordPress CDN service, you can pace up your website speed easily. You can increase your site's speed using the cached static content from servers located close by your user's geographic location. This article will discuss the top 5 WP CDN 2020 services and give you insights regarding which may be suitable for you, so let's get started!

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CDN is needed for faster user experience and to prevent the website from crashes in traffic surges. CDNs are responsible for distributing the bandwidth across multiple servers. CDN’s avoid one server to handle all traffic but equally distribute it to every other nearby server.

How CDN works?

To shorten the distance between your website visitors and the website’s server, a cached version of the website’s content is stored by CDN in multiple geographical locations (known as points of presence or PoPs). That’s how CDN achieves the goal of virtually shortened the physical distance, which results in an improvement in the website rendering speed and performance.



Cloudflare is the globally recognized CDN for WordPress 115+ data centers all over the World. Cloudflare can make your website extremely fast by optimizing the pages. It’s paid plan has all the features, including DDoS protection, but in the free version, the DDoS protection is limited. It also helps you to make your website more secure by blocking suspicious threats.




Another feature is a fast static and dynamic content delivery, which is also offered by Cloudflare. You can easily install Cloudflare CDN for WordPress, and its integration is also fast.
Moreover, there are pretty much positive chances that the hosting service you are having is already integrated with Cloudflare, and you need to enable it.

To monitor performance and clean up the cache, Cloudflare has its Control Panel, which easily does this job.  Moreover, CloudFlare CDN does not charge for bandwidth and also includes SSL support; these both are totally free of cost. You can also deactivate it if you are having trouble using Cloudflare CDN for WordPress.


Cloudflare CDN is free of cost, but its pro version will cost you around $20/month.




Sucuri has the reputation of being called an Industry leader as this plugin alone offers various extensive security features and CDN service. It offers security features like File monitoring or core Integrity checking, Malware scanning, Security notifications, Firewall Integration, and Security Hardening, etc. Sucuri is responsible for securing your WordPress website from DDOS attacks, malware, and other security threats in WordPress, and it protects your website completely. Moreover, Sucuri is easy to integrate, and it offers a 24/7 support service.


Sucuri CDN pricing starting from $16/month inclusive of all the features. 




KeyCDN is another popular WordPress CDN having a hyper reliable network of servers. It is one of the most recommended CDN for WordPress because it’s user friendly and is easy to integrate. This plugin comes with security features and also offers a free SSL certificate using let’s encrypt, as shown below:




KeyCDN service has planned data centers. The Security features are namely encryption, two-factor authentication, and bot blocking, etc. 1 month/30 days free trial is offered by KeyCDN without a credit card or debit card. 5 zones are free within the KeyCDN service, and for the extra zone, they charge extra bucks.


KeyCDN costs around $40 per year. 



BunnyCDN service is also a very well-known CDN plugin which offers Tier 1 Global Network and is recognized globally. Bunny CDN offers Image optimization, including Webp image support, and also offers Lets Encrypt SSL support. Using BunnyCDN, real-time traffic monitoring is also possible.

Bunny CDN is reliable and also maximize the speed of your website and bring your content closer to the user. BunnyCDN uses NVMe and SSD technology, and their servers are based on this technology to ensure millisecond latencies.

If You want to secure your content and save money, you can do this by blocking or redirecting IPs or countries to cheaper regions, and it can be easily done because BunnyCDN gives you the privilege to do so. Moreover, BunnyCDN provides 24/7 support services, and we guarantee you that this CDN service is with the fastest response time.


BunnyCDN offers a 14 days trial prior to you buy the CDN service and it costs around $1 for unlimited websites.


Rackspace Logo

Rackspace CDN globally accelerates the delivery of your websites, images, video content, and other assets for the ultimate experience. Rackspace delivers the entire website, including dynamic, static, interactive, and streaming content around the globe.

They claim to deliver the uptime of 99.9 percent. They guarantee you that your files are always available for the users, and Rackspace also ensures to write each file in three different storages and provide their servers with dual power supply systems as shown in the figure below:



CDN pricing consists of CDN bandwidth fees and request fees which cost around $ 0.10/GB per month.


Final Words


There are various WordPress CDN’s available. We recommend you to use Cloudflare or KeyCDN because of their features. We hope this list of the best 5 WordPress CDN’shelped give you the information you needed to find out which plugin is best for your website.

If you have further queries, then please ask us and don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help you out. 


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