Top 5 WordPress Contact Form Plugins 2020

There are more than 1625 WordPress Contact form plugins for WordPress. So, nowadays, it is straightforward to create a custom form. Well, let’s start with what a contact form is. A contact form is one of the essential elements you need on your website. It is also a free form builder can increase your website’s growth. Some users forget about this form of communication, but it is essential as customers may want to contact your customer support line.

The WordPress Contact form plugin comes with the following features:

  • Custom forms are having multiple fields, options, and branding tools.
  • Visual builders are having a drag and drop editors, but that’s completely optional.
  • Conditional logic helps in showing or hiding certain elements (like buttons, fields, etc.). Because of this logic, you can send customers to different departments accordingly.
  • Responsiveness is responsible for showing the contact form to show up on all the devices.
  • Communications like emails alert users that a new message has arrived.
  • Frontend file submission let a client upload ideas in document form.
  • Spam protection is one of the features of the contact form plugin as well.

Let’s get started with the top 5 WordPress Plugins!

Gravity Forms


Gravity Form is a visual where forms, entries, and conditional logic is all unlimited. It is one of the most popular contact form plugins in WordPress, which comes with a lot of advanced functionality and features. It supports file uploads and multi-page forms, but there’s no live chat or phone support. They can be used to create surveys, quizzes, web directory, user-submitted content.

Benefits of using Gravity Form:

  • Gravity Form documentation comes with a getting started guide, information on add-ons, popular features, and developer docs.
  • Wide range of add-ons (signature) and external integrations are there in gravity forms like Dropbox, Freshbooks, MailChimp, PayPal Pro, Stripe and GetResponse etc.
  • You have access to 30+ form fields.
  • It comes with drag and drops options, and with premium support options like FAQs, knowledgebase, forums, email notifications, file uploads, and the option to save and continue.
  • You can perform advanced calculations ( for a finance or real estate website.
  • You have the option to schedule forms, and you can also limit the number of submissions.
  • Frontend user content submissions can be allowed by Gravity Form, and you can publish this to your WordPress blog.
  • There’s a choice to design and build your WordPress forms in real-time as it’s a visual form editor.

Well, the only demerit is that it doesn’t have a free version. Gravity Form can be quite expensive for single-site users, but those are having multiple sites, this plugin can be cost-effective yet Valuable. Gravity Form Pricing is as follows:

Basic licence starting from $59 per year, Pro license at $159 while the Elite can cost $259 per year.





WPForm is one of the most popular, beginner-friendly, and drag and drop form builder plugin in the WordPress community because it comes with pre-built templates to create contact forms.

Benefits of using WPForms:

  • More comfortable to create contact forms because WPForms comes with more than 150 pre-built templates.
  • It comes with powerful form fields.
  • It has an easy drag and drop interface to customize the contact form.
  • features like smart conditional logic, file upload, geo-location, signature feature, form abandonment, user post submission, log in and user registration for WordPress
  • WPForms provide surveys and polls functionality. Because of this functionality, it is easy to create and analyze user response right from the WordPress dashboard.
  • We can use AJAX to make WordPress forms avoid reloading of pages on form submission.
  • It integrates with payment platforms like PayPal and Stripe.
  • It also integrates with email marketing services.

WPForms comes with a free version and four premium versions. The pricing of premium versions is as follows:

  • Elite: $599 per year
  • Pro: $399 per year
  • Plus: $199 per year
  • Basic: $79 per year

Formidable Forms


Formidable Forms is a drag and drop form builder. It is also very well known for Quiz Making. It creates complex forms like polls, surveys, payment forms, registration forms, profile forms, lead generation forms, GDPR forms etc.

Benefits of using Formidable forms:

  • Its style editor allows you to modify the CSS for your form.
  • There are calculation fields in the form. You can calculate online estimates, product options and even have the choice to show repayment/ interest calculations.
  • The form fills automatically.
  • It comes with an integration with reCAPTCHA to avoid spamming.
  • WooCommerce integration helps you build product forms.
  • WooCommerce product configurator forms bind up directly to your bag/cart.
  • Use conditional logic which helps you direct the response notifications to the target people and also will help you show or hide questions based on user behaviour.

It comes with a free or premium option. Pricing starts from $149/ year for a contact form plugin.

Premium plans to cost:

  • Basic plan: $149/year
  • Business plan: $299/year
  • Elite plan: $599/year

Ninja Forms


Ninja Forms is a viral form builder plugin which can create exceptionally interactive contact forms easily. It provides a beautiful user interface for customizing the contact forms. And for any assistance, there is a helpful community support options, documentation and guides.

Benefits of using Ninja forms:

  • Ninja Form builder plugin is straightforward to use and comes with additional add ons.
  • There aren’t any limitations for forms, fields, or emails received, and you can save your forms for later.
  • We can easily connect with services like Campaign Monitor, Freshbooks, Salesforce, SMS/email notifications, MailChimp etc. with the premium extensions.

The core plugin is free, and the cost of other extensions are as follows:

  • Personal: $99/year
  • Professional: $199/year
  • Agency: $499/year

Contact Forms 7


It is the most popular plugin which is free of cost, having no premium versions. It precisely delivers what a small business or a blogger needs which a basic stable and reliable contact form.

Benefits of using contact forms 7:

  • You can create an unlimited number of forms. You can install on as many sites as you want.
  •  It comes with documentation, an FAQ, a website having all information and lastly a support forum.
  • We can use Various fields like date, URL, email, and text to get responses.

Final Words

We hope this article will help you choose the best form builder for your website. Adding a Contact form on your site will help you increase leads. So lastly, we recommend using Gravity Forms or WPForms because it comes with outstanding features. So, If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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