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WP Engine Review – Choosing the right platform to host your website is among the most crucial steps. It is because the host platform directly affects the performance of your website. The speed, navigation, and overall experience of a site are majorly affected by the hosting service. Therefore, it is crucial to do a detailed study before you choose a particular hosting program. This article is about an honest review in which we will cover different aspects of WP Engine’s services, including the speed, performance, uptime, features, free amenities, pricing, etc. We hope that our reviews about WP Engine will give you insights about this hosting service. Let us begin!

Founded in 2010, WP Engine is bringing revolutionary technology to enhance the digital experience claiming to provide faster, reliable, and secure hosting services. Their award-winning services have gained trust and fame across the world. Let’s review the WP Engine Web Hosting Service!!!
We have purchased WP Engine’s hosting services and tested all the claims made by them. Our findings are as mentioned below:

The Perks You Get with WP Engine’s Hosting Services

The website of WP Engine is full of declarations that their hosting services are the best due to different aspects. We have picked their basic pack for beginners, which applies to one website only. Let us tell you some of these critical aspects (according to WP Engine) that make their basic hosting pack better than the others.

The Speed Increases

A website that loads faster possibly rank on search engines like Google. A fast website also gets more traffic. The hosting services of WP Engine are wildly popular for improving the speed of a website.


Security of the Website

WP Engine claims to prevent more than 2 Million attacks every single day, which means that your website will be safe from online attacks and threats, and your data will remain intact. We have tried to test this theory, as well. You will read about the results soon.


Free Genesis Framework

With the Genesis Framework, you can build unique websites with WordPress within minutes. Moreover, Its interface is easy to understand, and even a non-technical professional can use it. WP Engine provides a Genesis framework free of cost, along with all its services.

More than 35 StudioPress Themes for Free

StudioPress offers the most premium WordPress themes. The themes are not only creative but also modern and charming. They claim to provide more than 35 themes of StudioPress for free, and you can choose any of these themes to enhance the beauty of your website.


Free Website Transfer

Transferring your website from one hosting to another is also termed as migration. This can be costly if you don’t have any knowledge about the migration of websites. However, WP Engine offers a free migration service and does not charge any amount for transferring the website from its current hosting to WP Engine’s Hosting.


Global CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network is an automated system under which the web content reaches the user based on its geographic location and origin. The best part about WP Engine is that they provide a global CDN, which helps your web pages reach a larger audience, thus increasing the website’s traffic.


Free SSL Certificate

SSL is a Secure Sockets Layer that is a global measure that determines that the website is safe. When the user knows that a website is safe to use, they visit the website more often. There are times when the user bounces off a website just because it seems dangerous to use. However, when the website is safe, and there are no threats to the users, the bounce rate decreases, and users log in more freely.


To sum up, the key benefits of WP Engine’s Hosting services are:

  • The Speed Increases
  • The Website Becomes More Secure
  • Free Genesis Framework
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes Free
  • Free Website Transfer
  • Global CDN Free SSL Certificate

We have tested all the features and perks offered by WP Engine. The results of these tests that we have reviewed will reveal the truth about the services of WP Engine. The results are mentioned below:

The Speed Test

The quality of hosting affects the speed of the website. If you have an excellent hosting service, the rate of your website will surely increase. Increased speed will mean that the experience of the website will also improve. All these aspects will bring about a change in the traffic on your website. As far as WP Engine’s Hosting Services are concerned, here is what they claim:

WP Engine claims that its services are optimized to increase the speed of your website. Additionally, you will get a ‘blazing fast’ site and load time.

Hang on! This is just a claim, what we have found out:

We have used their hosting service, and the speed of our website has gone crazy. The site loads fast, and navigating through the website has become super smooth. Their claims have turned out to be true.

WP Engine is true to their word in terms of speed.

The Support Team

They boast of providing adequate support to all the customers. Read on to uncover the truth about their services.
They claim to provide significant ‘24/7 chat support’ for customers of essential packs and ‘24/7 call support’ for custom packs.
We had purchased the basic pack and therefore was eligible for chat support, and then we have sent various messages during odd hours, and this is what happened:
We messaged them for big and small issues at different times. They responded to our queries quickly and tried to solve the problems. The support executives are knowledgeable and calm.

The Security and Others

The claims related to the security of the website are also true to my knowledge. It has been a long time since our website is being hosted on their platform, and we have not encountered even a single error so far.

They claim to provide free:

  • Genesis Framework
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • Website Migration
  • Global CDN
  • SSL Certificate

As far as these claims are concerned, the report is as follows:

  • They provide a free Genesis Framework, which enables you to build your website easily and quickly.
  • You will get 35+ StudioPress themes to enhance the looks of your website.
  • A member of the WP Engine will migrate your website from your current hosting if you wish so.
  • The CDN of your website will automatically switch to global criteria.
  • A free SSL certificate is provided along with the services you have availed.

We have availed the following benefits since we have made the payment:

  • We have received a free Genesis Framework.
  • They also provided 35+ StudioPress themes for free. 
  • We have availed their free website migration service as well.
  • The CDN of my website is now global.
  • We also received an automated SSL certificate for my website.

The Price Tag

Their price range varies according to the package you wish to buy. The starting prices of Business WordPress hosting (every month) for all the packages are mentioned below:


WPEngine is quite expensive, and there is no doubt about it, but you are also getting premium services and many perks bundled together. Additionally, you will notice a visible change in the performance of your website after purchasing their services.
They provide a bundle of services like genesis framework, StudioPress themes, migration, Global CDN, SSL Certificate, etc. for free.

The Reviews by Users

Many users all over the internet have praised WPEngine for one reason or another. The most common reasons given by the users are:

  • WP engine makes the website load faster. This enhances the user experience.
  • Free StudioPress themes have become the center of attraction for many businesses.
  • Many users prefer WP Engine due to their reliable and secure services.
  • Some appreciated the easy to navigate interface of WP Engine.
  • Many opt for their services due to all the free services they offer with their packages.

There were a few negative WP Engine reviews, and most of them complained about the limited bandwidth and storage. However, we do not feel that any new website would be able to use up the storage of 20 GB and Bandwidth of 50 GB (basic package). Furthermore, one can always ask to increase these in case of need. So far, we are quite impressed with their services. We did not encounter any issues with my website yet, and we will suggest you try it.

The Rating

We have reviewed and based on WP Engine’s hosting service’s performance, and we will give them 4.5 stars out of 5. We have deducted a half star because we think that they should increase the storage and bandwidth.

The Final Verdict

Their hosting service is quite good. We are satisfied with their services. There might not be unlimited bandwidth and storage, but the other goodies we have received justify the money we have paid for their service. If you are the one who prefers quality over quantity, you should go for WP Engine’s Hosting services. If you wish to buy their services, click on the link below:

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